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There is a need to provide special care and attention to students who have some kind of impairment or special needs to ensure their continuous intellectual growth and learning development.Around the world, there has been a steady increase of students with disabilities in many schools, in comparison to the overall population of regular students. A recent statistics from Studentneeds.info revealed that there are currently 2.7 million students diagnosed with a specific learning disability. Their disabilities can happen to anyone and can come in various forms. Their issues tend to go worse if undetected and untreated, affecting their normal, day-to-day lives.BackgroundWe call “special education” as any type of education designed to instruct and support students with identified disabilities. This is to enable students with disabilities to develop their fullest potentials by providing public education as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA.Teaching for Special Education is a more challenging job than regular education. Using a uniquely designed instructional program, teachers and educators are working to share the responsibility of ensuring students with disabilities get equal opportunities to learn in school.A grant for special education addresses the students’ linguistic, cognitive, social, emotional, and communicative issues, as well as physical and functional skills. It is exclusively offered to students diagnosed with disabilities.There are needs for special education to be addressed, though. There are not enough facilities and equipment to carry out programs and services. For this reason, people are looking for funding opportunities that address educational needs of students facing certain disabilities.Where to look forFunding assistance for this sector will benefit people with physical and mental disabilities. Under federal and state governments, a grant for special education can be obtained, some give free education while others offer early intervention services to identify their disabilities.They can go to state educational agencies, local educational agencies, higher education institutions, public agencies, local organizations that provide educational services, as well as private non-profit organizations to avail and benefit from their offered services.There are programs that help acquire assistive technology for the use of the disabled individuals to maximize their abilities or to undertake rehabilitative programs. Many, if not all, of those who have taken special education has proven to have improved their social, behavioral, emotional, social, and functional competencies.Such programs can potentially help individuals with disabilities to function more independently than before, which make them become more empowered and productive.Eligibility categoriesSpecific disabilities that are usually recognized are physical impairments such as deafness, blindness, deafness/blindness, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic impairment, autism spectrum disorder, and other health problems.On the other hand, commonly known communication impairments affect people’s fluency, voice, articulation, and language/phonology. Other impairments also include developmental delays as well as learning disabilities.All students seeking a grant for special education will be assessed if they are eligible. In the final analysis, people like them can actually live a normal and independent life with minimal or no support from others.

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There are multiple hurdles to be overcome in order for society to fully embrace the concept of online higher education. There is natural resistance to the concept because in many people’s minds there are significant questions that are unanswered. How will students be assessed? Who will be admitted? How can we be sure that students are honest? Will online degrees be of the same quality of the traditional degrees? How will top universities react to this trend? Time will eventually answer these and other questions regarding online education. What is certain is that demand for online education is beginning to boom and traditional universities will have to develop their own propositions or miss out on the opportunity to maintain their leadership in the education and development arena.Universities and Society have much at stake when it comes to higher education. Enabled by the technological developments in communications, IT and networking, societies around the world are becoming ever more dynamic and competitive. Expectation for timescales are constantly being reduced and demand for immediacy in most areas drives many changes in our world today. As these changes happen, and as society begins to embrace these new technologies to satisfy traditional demand for goods and services, it is important that educational institutions develop the ability and systems to keep up.Online education should be one of the most viable applications of the web. Only the appropriate systems, accreditations and assessments would need to be developed in order to achieve the quality standards that the traditional universities are renowned for. However, traditional universities tend to be conservative in their approach; they have lagged behind other for-profit organizations like the University of Phoenix that currently captures over $300 million in annual revenue. It is this type of organizations that has taken the lead in delivering online education, in spite of its questionable academic rigor and accreditation.Demand is growing for education amongst many people that traditionally had little access to higher education. The “Baby Boomer” generation has been a big market driver for online education. Also the upcoming generations of young people see online delivery of products and services as something natural, so online education for them does not seem alien.So far, online education has been steadily growing at rates that most studies show at 30 or 40 percent, which is 15 to 20 times faster than traditional university education growth.Trends in Online Offerings
The uptake of more traditional degrees like BA/BS in Arts and Sciences has been less than enthusiastic. The reason for this is that most of the students willing to undertake a BA or BS level degree will probably be of an age more suitable for traditional education, and this lack of demand reflects the lack of offerings in this area. Another issue to be considered has to do with the practicalities of coordinating the different disciplines and departments required for these courses, which are difficult enough off-line. Successful online propositions for these courses will have to be extremely committed to resolving these issues and have the support of what could be considered the most tradition-bound faculty.Admission Criteria
Universities will have to address the stigma that often accompanies admission opportunities for individuals. The online experience allows non-traditional students to learn at different paces and have different background than what it would be required for a classroom lecture. The web provides an exceptional opportunity to deliver higher education to all qualified students opening up an untapped market of intelligent people that do not have the access through the normal admission channels.Name and Reputation
In a survey delivered to HR professionals, more than 50% preferred selecting a candidate with an online degree from a traditional institution over one with a degree from a less reputable school. Current data suggests that the real explosion in demand and market growth will occur once top name universities start supplying online education opportunities. These institutions have a trust factor built into their brand names that new coming institutions lack. The latter universities and online education propositions do not have a recognized expertise of having educated millions of students. Their programs can be perceived as lacking academic rigor and taught by faculty of questionable accreditation.Some experts argue that name and reputation are even more important than the medium of delivery. Universities that wish to maintain their reputation will have to make sure that the standards that apply for normal students are also applied to online students, to the extent that the final result is undistinguishable. This is a significant challenge and there is still debate around this issue. One can question if the online proposition can really deliver the same results as the traditional approach does.The requirement for quality and the backing of the name of a reputable university create new challenges for online education providers. These institutions that can provide high quality online education will need to implement methods to achieve a consistency between the online proposition and the traditional one.Accreditation and Certification
The new paradigm creates great opportunities for both educators and learners in terms of accessibility, flexibility, and in some cases, cost. However, it also creates significant challenges for quality assurance and accreditation. A survey amongst online learners revealed that 44 percent value quality and accreditation when choosing an online education provider. Another 22 percent deemed rich student experience as paramount importance. Interestingly most people do not know what “accreditation” really is. Different accreditation agencies like the AACSB offer membership and also accreditation status. Membership is open to all institutions and sometimes this is illegitimately “confused” with accreditation. Accrediting bodies have the challenge to educate about their standards to the different involved parties like government, corporations and the general public in order to minimize this confusion.Online education is two-way and delivered via mentoring and direct assessment. This is why traditional classroom standards need to be modified to fit with the new delivery method and be consistent with the bidirectional approach online education delivers. Once accreditation agencies develop credible methodologies to certify online education courses, there would be strong incentives to improve the quality of the programs.Learning Styles and Assessment
Without proper examinations and student assessments, there would be no way to certify that the learning outcomes have been properly delivered to the students. The online approach gives the exceptional opportunity to assess many different types of learning styles and motivation levels. The online experience allows setting up automatic diagnostic tools that would seamlessly reinforce weak areas until the student is deemed to be competent in the subjects. Taken to an extreme, the online delivery could integrate the learning and the examination simultaneously.Interaction with Faculty and Fellow Students
Often students rate the possibility of interacting with peers or faculty as an important part of the learning experience. Universities must make sure that their online proposition encourages and facilitates student-student and student-faculty interaction in order to maximize the network benefit. There are no technological impediments for this too, as instant messaging and web cams are easily accessible. This issue places constraints in the sizes of the online student body if the university is to maintain its quality standards in the education delivery.

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According to statistics from the House Education & the Workforce Committee a college education is rapidly becoming a fantasy for college-qualified students. The cost of higher education has been rising significantly faster than the rate of inflation or the growth in family incomes for decades. In the early 1980s tuition and fees began to grow much more rapidly than consumer prices, the cost of attending college rose over three times as fast as median family income. The problem has reached a crisis level today. The Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance indicates that cost factors prevent 48 percent of college-qualified high school graduates from attending a four-year institution, and 22 percent from attending any college at all. The statistics are similarly bleak for middle income students and families. At this rate, by the end of the decade, more than 2 million college-qualified students will be completely denied the opportunity for a postsecondary education.Obviously this is not the type of information a person desiring to earn a good salary wants to hear. Most people are not eager to saddle themselves with huge amounts of debt in the form of student loans just to get a college degree. So what is the answer? Are there alternatives? Yes, there is vocational and career training.This type of training is not only specific to the type of career a person chooses but the costs are significantly lower. When a person receives student loans to pay for a college education the amount to be repaid is generally three times more than the actual amount borrowed. In some cases the debt ratio is even higher than 3 to 1. Being loaded down with this much debt poses a real burden for the graduating students. It is even worse for someone who starts their college education but is not able to finish it. Now the person is stuck with large debts and no degree to attempt to get a well-paying job. With career training, the costs are so much lower that when a person completes the training in a matter of months there is no staggering amount of debt to manage. Often times the cost of the training can be paid for before the training has even been completed. Try doing that with college loans!Not having to worry about how to pay off a student loan frees the student to focus on completing the training as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the training the graduate is now able to market their newly acquired knowledge and skills to multiple employers. Without the pressure of quickly needing to find a job to start paying a student loan, graduates can take their time in choosing the employer that suits their needs best. In other words, a graduate is not so desperate as to take the first job offered due to being in a financial bind. Yes career training is easy on the wallet but big on the future. You can save time and money by getting on a career training path.Copyright 2006 Sherry Harris

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All parents want to provide the best education for their children. Parents who want to home school their child require support from an educational associate. An educational associate helps them create a balanced curriculum and assessment program- a complete educational plan for their child.So, how do you find the most suitable educational planner? This process requires some due diligence in which the parents closely analyze certain characteristics. Here are some characteristics that you must look for in a professional educational associate:1. Should Have Prior Experience working with Individual Students
It is essential that the educational associate you choose has some prior experience working with individuals. The experience helps them to deal with your child in a better way. They must understand that each child has his or her key strengths and weaknesses. This can help them develop a special customized educational plan for your child according to his or her learning pace and ability.2.Should Have Experience in a Specific Area
In case your child takes special education services, you must choose a consultant who has thorough knowledge of all related laws for such services. In addition, you may ask specifications about the services to gauge the consultant’s understanding of the specialty. This is important in order to provide top quality education for your child.3. Should Have Adequate Knowledge about Academic Assessments
The educational consultant should have in depth knowledge about how to prepare and conduct student academic assessments. You want to ensure that your consultant is well aware of the criteria, pertaining to the learning capacity and pace of your child. You may ask them to elucidate the entire assessment process for your own satisfaction.4. Should have some Certification in Educational Psychology
Your child may have special needs, so you need to make sure your educational assistant has adequate knowledge in that area. Educational consultants help deal with children who have special needs such as behavioral problems. The accreditation ensures that the consultant has prior experience in that specialty.5. Should have a good chemistry with the Family
An educational assistant should be able to make the child and his or her family comfortable. This is important as it makes it easier for the family to share relevant information about their child. This information can be necessary to create a customized curriculum and assessment plan. Therefore, this can enable parents and consultants to work together to maximize learning potential of the child.

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As per all the education jobs go the university jobs top the list. But it is also true that you need the search for the means of finding as well as keeping the university jobs. To succeed in university jobs you have to very sensitive as well as motivated. A teaching job is never something that you stumble upon by chance. You need to plan carefully and have the necessary requirements for the attainment of such a prestigious employment option. The different university jobs that you can apply for are the following. You have the option of going for the university online jobs, academic jobs, higher education jobs. With the university online jobs you do not need to give regular attendance at the university and can send the necessary class notes and assignments through the internet.Now if you are worried about succeeding in the university jobs here are a few pointers that will help you in that respect.Many opportunities: there are a large number of university jobs available. So all that you need to do is search the internet for the job that suits you. The number of job options has increased in this field due to the ramped up funding that is being provided by the governments of all countries all around the world. Private funding is available at the same time too. Depending on the education and experience that you posses you can opt for the different higher ed jobs like that of the university jobs as well as the academic jobs. You should also take into account about the locality that you live in so that the university is nearer to you because you would not want to spend hours on your journey regularly.Get a certification: to get the university education jobs you need to have some prior experience in the field. This is absolutely necessary because you won’t get the higher education jobs without the necessary experience. Certificates that certify about the education that you have had as well as about your previous teaching stint are also required while applying. You should understand that it is beneficial for you if you apply for the job in a subject that you excelled in.Sensitivity: your approach while applying for the job to the department chairs should be direct at all times. With a direct approach you can make them understand about your passion and interest in the particular job. After you are selected you must remember under all circumstances that you need to be very sensitive with the students as this property alone will increase your popularity with the students.Parent interaction: this facet of the university jobs should never be neglected. It is quite true that all the students won’t have the same perception power. Some will always be better up taking the lectures you provide while others will be a bit sluggish. So as the teacher it is your duty to inform the parents of such slow learners so that the worried parents do not end up putting undue pressure on their kids.Make sure that you remember all the points if you want to be successful in academic jobs.

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I recently was contacted by a parent of a child with Autism from another state for some advocacy advice. The mother is educated, knowledgeable in advocacy skills and a passionate fighter for her child! She is extremely concerned that her school district is setting her child up to fail (due to his behavior), so that he can be removed from the school. I have seen many special educators escalate a child’s behavior, call the police, and have the child arrested. Thus goes the school to prison pipeline—and it can happen to your child.According to a recent article, the Bureau of Justice Statistics survey state that experts attribute the high percentage of individuals with disabilities in the nation’s bloated prison population – which has grown 700 percent since 1970 – in part to deep problems in the education of children with disabilities. Here is another shocking statistic: Nationwide, at least 73 percent of youth with emotional disabilities who drop out of school are arrested within five years, according to a federal study.
What is a parent to do?1. Learn about behavior in general and some of the causes: a. A child’s behavior could very well be related to their disability. b. All behavior is a form of communication. c. Children often have behavioral difficulty if they are frustrated. d. Keep in mind that there is a huge connection between academic difficulty and behavioral difficulty. In other words, many children who have behavioral difficulty at school also have difficulty with their academics. e. The reaction to a child’s behavior will either improve the behavior or make the behavior worse. This includes at school and also at home! Untrained special education staff can escalate the behavior (make it worse), rather than deescalate the behavior (make it better). f. The earlier the behavior is addressed, the easier it will be to change the behavior.2. Ask special educators to look for the ABC’s of behavior and track the behavior for one week (writing down their results). A stands for antecedent (what is occurring in the classroom when the behavior occurs), B stands for behavior (specifically what the behavior is), and C stands for consequences (what happened due to the behavior-for example: your child screams and yells and gets to avoid school work).3. Advocate for the best practices way to handle negative behavior (an appropriately developed functional behavioral assessment (FPA) which is used to develop a positive behavioral support /plans). Make sure the plan is “positive” because studies have shown that punishment only works in the short term to positively change behavior.4. Educate yourself on federal and state special education laws related to discipline of children with disabilities. In my 25 years of advocacy I find many school districts overstate the laws to discipline children, with few parents questioning their ability to do so.5. Ask for a daily behavior sheet (to be filled out and returned home daily) so that you can use positive reinforcement at home for good behavior. When educators fill the sheet out they need to write positive comments only. The daily behavior sheet can be used in a dispute with special educators (for example: they state on _________ day that your child did __________, and the sheet does not reflect that). The sheet can be developed by a teacher or the person conducting the FBA. Make sure all of the sheets are dated for future reference.If your school district calls the police on your child and has them arrested, it is possible to receive assistance from judges for special education services. I have seen parents able to help their child receive needed services, if the criminal justice system becomes involved. If this happens to your child advocate proactively for needed special education services. In the end your child may end up receiving a free appropriate public education with the school district having to provide the services that a child needs! Good luck!

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Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive;
easy to govern, but impossible of enslave. … Henry PeterWorld is so beautiful. Human beings is the great and strongest animal in the world. With the help of thing capacity he became a powerful person in the world. Every one has right to live and right to speak.Now we are living in the modern world. Human beings developed in all the fields. But there is a lot of difference among the countries in the world. Co-operation and co-ordination are necessary among these countries. It is necessary and important to educate every one in the world. It is very important to know what is Human Rights.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was drafted by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights chaired by, then first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. The UDHR was adopted by the 56 member nations of the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948. December 10th is now celebrated around the world as International Human Rights Day.There are now 188 member states in United NationsEveryone has the right to education… Education shall be directed to the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.The concept underpinning human rights education is that education should not only aim at forming trained, professional workers, but also at contributing to the development of individuals who possess the skills to interact in a society. Human rights education, human rights into education aim at providing pupils and students with the abilities to accompany and produce societal changes. Education is seen as a way to empower people, improve their quality of life and increase their capacity to participate in the decision-making processes leading to social, cultural and economic policies.Human rights education cannot be reduced to the simple introduction of human rights content in already overburdened curricula. It brings about a profound reform of education, which touches upon curriculum in-service and pre-service training, textbooks, methodology, classroom management, and the organization of the education system at all levels.Human rights education implies the learning and practice of human rights. A holistic approach to human rights education means that human rights are implemented at all levels of the education system, and that they are taught through both content transmission and experiences.Education for human rights helps people feel the importance of human rights, internalize human rights values and integrate them into the way they live. Education for human rights also gives people a sense of responsibility for respecting and defending human rights and empowers them, through learned skills, to take appropriate action.Why Human Rights Education?1. Produces changes in values and attitudes2. Produces changes in behaviour3. Produces empowerment for social justice4. Develops attitudes of solidarity across issues and nations5. Develops knowledge and analytical skills 6. Produces participatory educationSo give human rights education to every one and save the world.

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It is every students dream to get some sort of financial aid during his/her university education. Though getting this aid is not all that easy. Many a times students have to go through tests and interviews. In lot of institutions many criteria are put forward to avail the aid.The aid however small makes a large contribution to a student’s life. The steady inflow of this aid helps the student to fund many activities. And these activities can be from buying stationary, to buying extra readings, subscribing to journals and magazines etc. many students use the aid to accumulate savings over a period of time.This building up of fund allows them to plan their future. The fund so built up can be used to finance lot requirements in the future. The savings could allow you to finance your own education further ahead in a foreign country if you don’t want to take an education loan. It also allows to you take away a lot of pressure from your parent’s shoulder regarding finances for education.There are institutions which give out aid to all their students. This aid may be different depending on the level of education and the present level of the class. The aid also helps research scholars cover their expenses for their field work on the thesis. The aid can also in various forms. The university on its part might finance a student to go attend an international seminar. And this is really good as the student gains through exposure to other students and faculties. The aid can also be in the form of a boarding and lodging allowance if the university is not able to provide for accommodation of its students.Generally such aids are made available using the large corpus funds of the university and the interest earned on it. It is a boon to students, though it’s up to them how they use it or misuse it.

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Students looking to become a professional in the field of human services can do so through a number of accredited schools and colleges. Students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter into the career of their dreams with a higher education. Degree opportunities are available at several levels in the field of human services. With accredited human services schools and career study options, students can earn an associate’s, bachelors, masters, or doctorates level degree.*Associate degreeWith an associate degree program in human services students can learn the skills needed to enter the workforce in as little as two years. With an education at an associates level students can pursue careers as:
Social Workers
Social Services Assistants
Human Services Assistants
Students can learn a variety of skills and coursework will vary depending on the educational program and desired career. Curriculum may cover subjects like sociology, developmental psychology, crisis intervention and abnormal psychology. An associates degree will prepare those who wish to pursue a bachelors degree or higher in the field.*Bachelors degreeStudents who choose to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program can complete the required training in four years. With an accredited bachelors degree in human services students will have the knowledge needed to enter a number of careers. Students can find employment as:
Social Workers
Probation Officers
Public Administrators
Students will have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects that will depend on their desired profession and the school or college of attendance. Study may consist of courses in administration, developmental psychology, ethics, case management and rehabilitation services. With a bachelors degree in this field students can begin working or pursue a graduate degree.*Graduate degreeGraduate level degrees can be obtained from a number of accredited schools and colleges. Students can enter into a masters or doctorates degree program in human services if desired. Degrees at these levels typically take an additional two to four years to obtain. Careers at these levels of study can include:
Case Manager
Adult Services Worker
Child Welfare Worker
Depending on whether a master’s degree or doctorates degree is chosen coursework may consist of counseling training, human services policy, and social services law. Students can also learn healthcare, psychology, interventions, and more. By earning an accredited masters or doctorates degree in the field students can enter into the career of their dreams prepared.Students who choose to pursue a career in human services can find employment in a variety of areas. Students can work for federal, non-profit, state, and other agencies. With an associate’s, bachelors, masters, or doctorates degree students can start the career they desire. Accredited schools and colleges allow students to gain the best quality education possible. Research should be done on a program accreditation prior to enrollment to ensure it carries full accreditation from an agency like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (http://www.acics.org/).DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.

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Brian Tracy is one of America’s top business speakers and he used a phrase that I thought was quite appropriate in today’s technological age.”University on Wheels.”What he was talking about when using this phrase was the valuable knowledge that can gained by listening to professional audio books while driving to and from work every day.It is well known that many people spend as many as 2 or more hours each day traveling to and from work.
What do they do during this time?? Some people listen to music, others just let their mind wander off into the abyss with their own daydreams. Either way they are spending hours each day doing nothing, effectively. However, there is something that can be done to change this.Let me share an interesting bit of information with you.Did you know that listening to the right professional audio books as you travel to and from work every day could give you the equivalent to a university education within some years??Now, your first reaction may be to doubt this statement, but let me explain my reasoning behind the thought.Many university students are only required to spend an average of 10 hours per week attending lectures. After several years, depending on the degree, they are handed their degree.So what are they doing during these 10 hours a week??They are listening to the lecturers!!!Therefore, using audio books you can get similar information on the subject that you choose to learn about, and hear it all while you are doing something that has to be done every day anyway.Now, don’t get me wrong… I realize that this sort of learning is not going to be the exact equivalent of a university degree… there is more to gaining a degree than listening to a lecturer and repeating what they have said at the end of the semester, so unfortunately there are not any universities that will hand you a certificate once you have listened to a series of audio books but you will have gained a huge amount of information on your chosen topic and you did not have to take hours out of your busy schedule to read the information. You gained this new knowledge just by driving to and from work as usual and listening to the book.
Also, this new knowledge of yours is more likely to be retained as it was a specific topic that you chose to learn about because you were interested in it.Even more good news follows, because there are, in fact, certain professional audio book series that will send you an exam to sit once you have listened to the set. Once completed the audio book company can issue you with a certificate of completion, which, in some cases can be used as confirmation of your expertise in that area.So, now that I have told you all of this, are you going to continue to “waste” your valuable time on your daily commute?I challenge you to use those hours to learn a new skill or get informed on that subject that you have always been interested in.Just ask yourself what topic has always fascinated you, jump onto the internet and look it up. You are more than likely to find an audio book that you can download immediately and therefore, begin your education on your next trip to work.Don’t forget that audio books are portable. They can be copied onto cd for use in a car or a portable cd player as well as mp3 players. This means that you can listen to your audio books in more places than on the trip into work. Try listening to it while exercising or even doing the housework. There is plenty of activities you do every day that can now become more valuable.A website that I recommend for audio books is http://www.spokenword-audiobook.com
They have a massive range of books, fiction and non-fiction.
There is no membership needed, therefore no monthly fee that is charged by many other sites.
There is also no software to download to use their audio books. So the only thing taking up room on your hard drive is the audio book itself.
It is an easy 3 step process to download the audio book you choose, and there is a full support staff on hand to answer any questions you may have.So what are you waiting for?? Start gaining new knowledge today!!!